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Cheapest Price is Not Always Your Best!

April 13, 2011

I was recently going through some of the recent scam reports that have been coming in lately.  People are using the internet a lot more to get moving quotes so they can pay less for their move.

What is funny and sad is that it is as far as they go.  Let’s get the cheapest price.

They do not use the same tool to research the company they are getting the quotes from.  When all you do is rely on the internet for price and not do your homework in finding out about the company you are setting yourself up for a failed or troubled move.

Would you give all of your personal information, social security number, bank account number, family heirlooms, and family photos to a complete stranger for safe keeping?  Probably not.

When you are going with a moving broker and many of the moving quote sites out there you never really know what you are going to get.  Most of them will not do an in home estimate as recommended by all of the industry trade groups and governments.  Most of them will want money up-front.  Most of them you have no idea who will be at your house come moving day.  Is this what you want?

Here are some excerpts of some recent scam reports.  Let me know if this is what you expected.

Moving direct van lines aka Red Gold Logistics Posted 4/12/11.. Charged by weight, also said that overweight by over 500 lbs., was actually underweight. Josh Wiley said items would arrivein 4-7 days, when Russian guy showed up, he then acted like he spoke little English and had a contract that said up to 45 days, but he said that they had items to drop in Georgia, then would go to Florida. I started making calls in 3 days, no one returned calls. Evan Gold stated that furniture would was in Illinois, next day in Georgia, then in Florida, finally it was in Indianapolis. Asked to have the furniture delivered back home, I could not wait in Florida any longer at vacation home, in 2 weeks, it was further from Florida. Terrible experience, lots of lies, no service at all.

moving direct van lines Posted 3/29/11…worse company ever!!! First, they underestimated me for about$2500.00 the day of the pickup they sent the rudest and nastiest persons to my house who were not careful at all with my belongings. Then, after we agreed that i would notify when i was going to be ready for delivery one of their employees decided to send my belongings to florida anyway. the agreement was that my stuff would be kept in a month free storage until i gave them an adress. finnally, their customer sevice is horrible i spoke with everybody in this company and none were helpful at all they all ended up not answering my phone calls also i ended up paying another company a $600 delivery charge so i could receive my belongings.

American Van Lines – Furniture Movers Posted 4/12/11…What a mess. This company has the poorest customer service I have ever experienced. They lie and do not give a dam about the customer. They will not escalate any problem to anyone in authority and will not give a specific answer to any question! Read the following to learn what kind of service they provide. We were quoted 4-10 days delivery after pickup. After 8 days and no calls except about final payment, I called to find out when our shipment would arrive. THEY DID NOT KNOW!! Finally got a guarantee that it the delivery would be made in three or four days. I had to call again to see what day and time the truck would arrive. Was told that truck was going to be here in two days (Friday) and they would call with the time. I had to call again (Thursday)because had not received a call from American Van and found out less than 24 hours to the scheduled delivery that they would not deliver until Monday. Started calling all the companies involved (found out that there are at least three separate companies handling my move) and finally got ahold of the driver. He said he would deliver on Monday. Called the driver on Sunday to get a time for the delivery on Monday and he said he would be arriving between noon and 3pm on Monday. At 12:30pm on Monday I again called the driver and asked him how close he was and he said that the company (American Van Lines) was supposed to call me and tell me it would be Tuesday. American Van Lines picked up my furniture on March 23 and today is April 12. Still no furniture!!! Supposedly they are on their way right now – we will see if they lied again. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!

Now looking at just a few of these complaints I did some research on them just to see what comes up for complaints.

One from a customer who was scammed and wished she did the research prior to selecting the mover.

“The following is a complaint against Moving Direct LLC of Long Branch, NJ and its affiliate, Trans-American Van Lines.”

“After the move we investigated Trans-American Van Lines and found complaints against them on Ripoff Report.. Further investigation reveals that Moving Direct was not immune from complaints to the NJ Better Business Bureau and that it is not a mover but uses third parties. It appears that ther sales agent (Socher) operates out of an apartment In Hallandale, Fl.”

 This person could have saved themselves a lot of money and also a lot of stress and anguish had they done the research up front.  I feel very sorry for her and her husband, both seniors and if it were not for them packing the medicine, she would have let the stuff go.  She was missing a lot anyway

This is a typical scam that happens all of the time and law enforcement will not do anything to stop them.

When you look into them  using their DOT number you find that they have 3 trucks.
The statement on their webpage says the following:

“We have a large fleet of tractor trailers throughout the country at all times.”

The FMCSA shows no tractors registered to them and no trailers  But it does show three trucks.  Proper research on the company at will show you everything for an interstate mover.  How long they have been in service, ratings and also the number of federal complaints filed against them.

Even the federal government does not have the manpower to handle the complains against moving scams that go on daily,

Another area of the country where a lot of complaints come from are companies operating out of Florida.  Recently legislation is pending to even relax the laws more in that state to attract more business.

Some companies seem to generate a lot of complaints.  So much, that some of the complaint websites have been sued to remove bad reviews from their site. Here are some complaints for you to look at:

These are just a few of many companies out there.  Do not fall for the selling point of “Do you realize that we do thousands of moves a year” So do most of the big movers.  Matter of fact hundreds of thousands with many more trucks and less than 1/1 of 1% file a complaint against them.  So beware of the sales pitch and beware of the promises.  It is tough to take them to court, and will only cost you more money in the long run.


Remember cheapest will not be the best, try to go with a company that offers you the best value.  Price alone is not a deciding factor when all of your worldly belongings are in one truck.


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