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January 24, 2012

Diagram on how to scam customers

Well it is getting close to moving season again and time to start planning your move.  I titled this post so that you, the customer can understand the reason for delays.  Is the delay honest?  No.  Is the delay manufactured?  You bet.  Delayed pickup of your household good is well thought out plan on how to get more money from you and also create a sense of anxiety to make you deal with the company.

This is evidenced by recent indictments in Colorado on some of the same companies out there.  I have inserted some of the excerpts from the indictment


As you can see from this it is a well-planned and orchestrated event that is created.  This either places you in a time crunch or you are not there to look over the contracts when they finally do arrive. 


Copied from Indictment

 It is called being under duress.  You have no choice but to negotiate with them.

Moving Scam Indictment Colorado

Copy from Indictment

Again, this is a well thought out plan to facilitate their criminal enterprise.  When the mover does not show up you are left with power turned off, people planning on moving into your residence, having to pay more for another month rent or negotiate for the new owner to allow you to stay.  It also can delay your travel for a new job, or taking possession at the next residence on time.
To top it all of you will end up paying more for the load and further increasing your stress.  It can also reduce the amount of money you have for deposits on the destination end.

Moving Scam Indictment

Copy from Indictment

For more information on how to protect yourselves you can go to

Also never pay a mover a deposit.

Require an in home visit for an honest estimate.

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